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Crosier Kilgour and Partners have developed a national practice in historical restoration. Historical buildings require a very atypical approach to assessment and remediation. Our methodology is based on identifying the causes and extent of deterioration in order to develop appropriate levels of intervention. Structural repairs and material selection in combination with mock-up requirements, particularly with respect to repointing mortar and cleaning comprises a significant component of our historical restoration project experience. Prominent project references include the national historic Fort Prince of Wales in Churchill, Manitoba; The Land Titles Building on Broadway, and various historical court house buildings throughout Manitoba.

Our firm has the necessary expertise for repurposing historical buildings in older Warehouse Districts involving the conversion to residential and/or office use. Prior to the introduction of any significant changes to the building envelope or mechanical system, hygrothermal modeling is required to establish acceptable type(s) and levels of insulation without creating damaging levels of moisture build-up in the walls.  We therefore use advanced computer modeling with WUFI 5.0Pro and THERM to analyze and develop building envelope remediation options. Using a Team approach with the owner/developer, architects and mechanical engineer, appropriate remediation options are developed which not only improve the energy efficiency of the building but enhance interior comfort while preserving the asset.