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Poor precipitation management with or without condensation effects from uncontrolled air leakage will lead to damaging levels of entrapped moisture, aggravating not only freeze-thaw deterioration to the masonry but corrosion of the ties and structural components which support the masonry. Crosier Kilgour and Partners have developed an effective investigation methodology which enables identification of the specific cause(s) of the duress which enables development of cost-effective remediation options. Our firm has extensive experience throughout Western Canada on the investigation and restoration of masonry buildings, including single wythe concrete block buildings, stone and brick cladding systems. Duress is not always readily visible, thus, invasive inspection recesses are typically used, in combination with a boroscope to establish the condition of the structural back-up.  Our firm has an extensive list of successful masonry restoration projects for buildings ranging from several years old to more than 50 years old.