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2005-305(2)PhotoAs a leader in this field, Crosier Kilgour & Partners is routinely called upon to determine the extent of necessary repairs, develop cost-effective remediation strategies and create appropriate restoration solutions for each structural systems unique condition. Our expertise also extends to the ongoing review and maintenance of parking structures recommended under the Parking Structures Code.

We utilize time-tested investigation techniques alongside advance physical and chemical testing to determine modes of deterioration and quantify the extent of damage. Our investigation techniques and areas of expertise include:

-Chain drag and hammer sounding surveys

-Advanced physical and chemical testing

-SEM/EDAX (scanning electron microscopy/x-ray defraction)

-Chloride-ion concentration testing

-Carbonation testing (pH)

– Sealer performance testing

-Non-destructive testing equipment


-Half-cell potential testing

-Pachometer (reinforcing steel layout and cover)

-Structural analysis and design