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The establishment of the Assiniboine Community College School of Culinary Arts, also known as the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts, is one component of a multi-phase project to relocate the entire Assiniboine Community College’s Brandon Campus to the former site of the historic Brandon Mental Health Centre. While the process is still ongoing, the major phases of the work were completed in 2012.

The Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts involved the conversion and renovation of the historic Nurse’s Residence, along with a 600m addition. Features include state-of-the-art teaching kitchens and modern classrooms.

Crosier Kilgour & Partners provided all of the required structural consulting services for the project, from the assessment of the original structures, through conceptual, schematic, and final structural designs, and provision of the required construction phase field reviews and structural contract administration.

Our involvement in a comprehensive assessment of the existing facility was fundamental in informing the design process, and helped to minimize structural contract changes; those that did occur were chiefly related to the unforeseen circumstances which were exposed during the actual construction.