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The RTDS Technologies Research Facility at the University of Manitoba’s Smartpark was built over an existing storm water retention pond to more fully utilize space within the Smartpark.  The building features an open concept office and research space over the pond with additional research facilities and loading areas at the building ends.

Concrete-filled steel pipe piles were installed through the pond in the winter so that the new single-storey steel structure could be built over the pond during the summer months.  Specialized coatings were applied to the steel piles to protect the steel from the environment and submersion in the pond.  Lateral forces on the building were transferred through the floor and roof structures to the shorelines on either end of the building.  Special consideration was given to the design and construction of the structure, cladding and suspended soffit to allow for assembly over the open water below.

The building won the Award of Excellence in the 2010 Prairie Design Awards for Architecture and Interior Design.